Blog post published as book chapter!


My first ever blog post – ‘Case 1: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolff‘ – has been published as a chapter in a new EM textbook: How to Not Kill Your Patients: An ER Doctor’s Guide to Life after Residency.

Here is the blurb from the editor/chief author Dr. Sajid Khan…

book chapter“When my residency training was complete, I took a big sigh of relief. At last! After all the years of medical school and residency training, I was finally at the end of the road. I thought I was the master of all things emergency medicine. A community job? After all the pathology I’d seen in residency? This should be a breeze. Little did I realize my education was just getting started. This book is a guide to what I learned in the years following residency. It’s a review of both the clinical and non-clinical: must-know ECG patterns, uncommon presentations of common illnesses, debunking dogma, bouncebacks, managing administrative duties, how to avoid malpractice lawsuits, tips for paying off debt, and more!”

Very exciting stuff.

Here is the Amazon page where you can buy yourself a shiny new paperback copy. My Mum has already bought at least 20 so there might not be many left in stock!

And just for the record, here is the citation:
Lloyd, R (2017). Who’s afraid of the big bad wolff? In: Khan S (Ed.), How to not kill your patients: an ER doctor’s guide to life after residency (pp. 161-66). Charleston, SC: Createspace.

Many thanks Dr. Khan for reaching out and involving me in the project.




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