Hunting the Culprit 2: Coronary Artery Anatomy


This is the second post from the ‘Hunting the Culprit’ Series.  An appreciation that each of the 12 ECG leads is a ‘snapshot’ of the heart from a specific position is crucial for hunting the culprit vessel in STEMI patients. For a detailed explanation of ECG leads, here is the first post from this series […]

Hunting the Culprit: (Properly) Understanding ECG Leads


Recently I was lucky enough to have attended the ‘EMECG’ course in Cape Town, SA. It was a 2-day event that took place at the beautiful V&A waterfront. Not a bad backdrop to learn about ECGs #emecg — Robert Lloyd (@PonderingEM) April 11, 2015 The faculty delivered high yield, EM-centric ECG education in a […]