Upper Limb Anatomy: The Axilla

The axilla

The axilla (armpit) is the zone of transition from the neck to the upper limb. It lies underneath the glenohumeral joint and has an irregular conical shape – like a tilted pyramid. The axilla is the passageway for the neurovascular bundle from the neck to the upper limb. Main contents of the axilla: Axillary artery […]

Lower Limb Anatomy: The Femoral Triangle

femoral triangle content

I am currently preparing for MRCEM Part A. This is the first of three entrance exams for higher training in EM in the UK. It is a ‘basic science’ exam which covers: Anatomy Physiology Pharmacology Microbiology Biochemistry Haematology Pathology Statistics The content of the exam is likely to be very similar to the equivalent entrance exams in Australia, […]