Assessing Airways in the ED


I’m an anaesthetic registrar in North East London (@andrewwilko1986). On a daily basis I perform airway assessments. Although not a classic medical school patient examination, it’s an extremely important process. Fortunately it’s very simple, and in this blog I’d like to highlight why it’s important, and some concepts to think about when dealing with a patient that might […]

Let me see (BOTH) your hands! BVM technique in resus


Let’s face it – when it comes to riding bicycles, inserting cannulas, tying knots, and even manipulating lingerie, fewer hands is just better, right? Well not so fast. Sometimes it’s preferable to play it safe.  Keep your eyes on the road. Even ride with stabilisers on. This couldn’t apply more when it comes to manual […]

EMJ Blog – Should More Emergency Physicians be ‘Piloting British Airways’? – The Musings of a Trainee


I’ve written a second piece for the Emergency Medicine Journal Blog which I’m very excited about. The post tackles a fairly controversial issue in the UK – the role of EM doctors in emergency airway management. The ‘ED-RSI’ landscape over here is very different to Australia and the US, and my hope is that the piece will stimulate some positive […]

Do We Use A Pre-Intubation Checklist?


Back in April, I attended what has been dubbed ‘the greatest medical conference of all time’ by some of the online critical care community – SMACCGold. As expected, the experience was phenomenal. I found myself in an excited frenzy about the career I am lucky enough to find myself persuing – Emergency Medicine. Some of […]