Revision Tips for the MRCEM A/FRCEM Primary

MRCEM Part A-2

I recently battled my way through the final ever MRCEM Part A exam. The exam has since had a facelift and is now called the ‘FRCEM Primary’. The format of the exam is changing from a true-false format to a single best answer MCQ. For more information on the new exam, check out the ‘FRCEM Primary Information […]

Case 5: Fever in a Returned Traveller


The Case You arrive in the ED for a late shift. It’s early Autumn and not that busy. You’re stationed in majors, and pick up your first patient. A 23 year old final year medical student. They’ve self-presented and the triage sheet says the following: 2/7 fever, diarrhoea and a rash. You head to see the patient in […]