Why the Comedy Writer Chose Emergency Medicine


Author: Jacob Lentz After we met in a hospital in Cape Town and he laudably showed me both how to start IV lines (something nurses do in the States, so much appreciated) and how not to contract TB (also appreciated), Robbie asked me to write an entry for Pondering EM on the topic of why a comedy writer would […]

Hunting the Culprit: (Properly) Understanding ECG Leads


Recently I was lucky enough to have attended the ‘EMECG’ course in Cape Town, SA. It was a 2-day event that took place at the beautiful V&A waterfront. Not a bad backdrop to learn about ECGs #emecg pic.twitter.com/aOVqfwJLht — Robert Lloyd (@PonderingEM) April 11, 2015 The faculty delivered high yield, EM-centric ECG education in a […]